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It’s been buku long like…..


{Syd’s POV}

As Adara’s lips crashed into mine, nothing else was on my mind. Not the test I was having in history, or how anyone could walk in and hear, or see us; If I wasn’t in this current state of mind, this would’ve scared the hell out of me, But Lust took over.

I heard Saless voice, but not even that could tear me away from Adara’s wanting body.

"What the fuck?" She hissed threw clinched teeth, and the session was interrupted too early. I wiped Adara’s lipgloss from my lips, and stood there Like a child, who’s hand had been caught in the cookie jar before dinner. To my right, I saw Adara pull her hair into a top-not, and stand there wanting for Saless’s next move.

"Shut yo’ thieving ass up!" Annoyance dripped off of Dara’s voice, but before I could blink, Saless was doing the same thing Adara was doing a few seconds ago, putting her hair in a bun.

"You can see me outside, forreal." Saless made her way towards the exit, and stood in front of the pool like she was waiting for the bus. I didn’t want this to happen, but It had to. They had so much hatred towards each other, and they don’t even know each other. I know this is wrong of me, I was weighing out my opinions. Do I stop them, and be torn the both of them, Leave, or let them shoot the fade? Shit, I even wondered who was gon’ win, isn’t that terrible?

"Dumb ass bitch, always talking some hot shit, So wassup? You think you the shit, cause you got your crew full of bimbos with you?" Saless grew heated, and lean in, making an attempt to punch Adara, But like Usain bolt, she dipped left and hit her right, causing Saless to fall quick to her feet, taking a chance, Adara jumped on her, throwing blows repeatedly.

"WHERE YOUR CLICK AT NOW BITCH? ALWAYS WANNA TALK SHIT!" She was right, where was her click? They stood by, watching her take punch, after punch straight to the head. After a few more punches, Saless began to bleed, knowing she would go all day if she could, I hoisted her off of saless, as I heard people sucking their teeth.

"CHILL ADARA!" I tried to calm her down, as she still swung her arms around, not caring who she hit, when she realized it, she put the tiny pieces of hair that slipped out her bun, in. “Your face..You have a cut, a few..” I touched them, and she relied in an "Ouch."

"Got me out here fighting for you.." She looked over at me, as we stood under some trees, and slightly smirked.

"For me? that was for me? Ion think so." she simply sucked her teeth, and I explained that we needed to go to my house to clean up her face.

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